How to Verify your Instagram Account

Hello Autogrammers!

We are back (sooner) with another post as promised. One of the biggest challenges users have when first trialing Autogrammer is verifying their Instagram accounts. So we are writing this post to hopefully help our users get over this hurdle to realize the power of Autogrammer.

Why is verification required?
Instagram has a strong spam filter and one aspect of this is ensuring there is no unauthorized access to your account. How does Instagram do this? They track where your account is being logged in from – much like other services like Gmail does. If they see that your account is being accessed from an unrecognized location they will require you to verify your account

Since our posting devices may not necessarily be located in the same city as you, you will most likely be prompted to verify your account. When you attempt to add your Instagram account to Autogrammer, Instagram may require you to verify your account.

How to verify your account?
When you attempt to add your Instagram account to Autogrammer you may receive an error prompting you to verify your Instagram account from the Instagram app.

At this time please login to your Instagram account on your phone and it will show you one of the following screens (you will need to have added an email address or phone number to your Instagram profile to see it)

sms-or-phone    verify







At this point you can click either, “It Was Me”, “Verify by SMS” (if you have a phone number associated with your Instagram profile) or “Verify by Email”. If you select one of the latter two options you will then be texted or emailed a verification number. You can enter this number on the Instagram app and verify your account this way. If you do not see the verification number in your email, please be sure to check your spam folder.

You can now login to Autogrammer and visit the “Manage Accounts” page and click the “Refresh icon” next to your Instagram account from the list of accounts. The status of your Instagram account should change from Unverified to Verified


Autogrammer – Version 3 Released!

Hello Autogrammers!

Its been an awful long time since our last post (over a year ago). The last blog post was an announcement for the release of Autogrammer v2! This blog post is about a release announcement for Autogrammer v3.

We realize we should be blogging more often and we will be focusing our time and energy on it, not only blogging about our product but also material helping our users with their own social media marketing efforts.


Back to the release announcement after the slight digression! We just released Autogrammer v3 last week and are very proud of this much anticipated version. We tried to address the major drawbacks of our (then) existing version. The major features include the ability to schedule Facebook posts and schedule Twitter posts. I mean why shouldn’t you be able to manage your social media marketing from one platform? At the time of this writing we are the ONLY tool to allow you to schedule to all 3 platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


We also completely redesigned the user interface from the ground up. While the previous version of Autogrammer was a great start to tackling the issue of scheduling to Instagram it did lack a user friendly interface. The most important aspect to the redesign is the replacement of the “Activity Log” with a calendar view of your posts that we call “Scheduled Posts”.


In addition to viewing your posts on a calendar you can also view them from a beautiful dashboard showing all your posts across multiple social profiles or just specific profiles. Other enhancements to the user interface include filtering your posts on the Dashboard by “Pending”, “Posting”, and “Published” posts. Lastly, at all times you can see your Likes and Followers counts for each respective social profile.

Until next time (we promise it won’t as long!) take care and happy scheduling Autogrammers!

Autogrammer – Version 2 Released!

Greetings Autogrammers!

We have some great news for you in time for Christmas, we just released the second version of Autogrammer! Included are some awesome changes that will make it even easier to manage your Instagram accounts


1) You can now Bulk Upload images to Autogrammer
2) Edit previously scheduled posts
2) Changes to the dashboard
* The date/time for scheduled posts are displayed in a more readable format
* Increased the number of Activity Log items from 3 to 6
3) Failed posts will be reattempted automatically within 15 minutes of failing
4) GIF images are now supported

Autogrammer now supports all languages

Hello Autogrammers! Last night we made an important and much needed update to Autogrammer – support for all languages. Up until last night you could only type English characters for your captions.

This limitation came to our attention when some captions by South American users were not being posted correctly. We identified the issue as a shortcoming of the library that we were using to make posts and found a third-party solution which allowed to overcome this. Below is our first post with a non-English characters caption!


Instagram scheduler

How to Schedule your Instagram Posts

Most of the popular Instagram schedulers are no more than a reminder services – you upload your images through a webapp and set a posting date/time. When its time to post, a notification is sent to your phone and with some manual intervention your images are posted.

Autogrammer is much more convenient. It allows you to upload images through your browser – where you can also edit them with a powerful yet easy to use image editor. You can manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place. And the most important feature – schedule your Instagram posts and forget about them. We will take you through the steps to schedule your Instagram posts below.

Instructions on how to schedule your Instagram posts

1) Signup for an Autogrammer account (Free 7 Day Trial – no credit card required)

2) Click the link in the verification email sent to you

3) On the Manage Accounts page, in the “Add New Account” form enter your Instagram username and password and submit. The account will display with a status of “Pending”. (You can schedule your first post regardless)


4) On the Upload & Schedule page click the “Browse” button to select and image to upload (make sure the filesize is under 5MB)


5) An image editor will pop up. Crop the image and edit it as desired, then click the “Save” button and the “Continue” button when done.

6) On the subsequent page enter a caption for the post, timezone, date/time (cannot be in the past) and click the “Schedule” button.


It is likely your first posts will fail – but its nothing to worry about. This is a security feature of Instagram, they are making sure you authorized the login from an unfamiliar location. After a post fails, login to your Instagram account and make sure your account is verified. Verifying your account typically requires entering an code which you can choose to have sent to you via SMS or email. Once you have entered this code, come back to Autogrammer and repost the image from the Dashboard by clicking “Repost”.

Welcome to Autogrammer!

Wecome to the Autogrammer blog! We will be using the blog to keep you posted on important updates and to share content which we feel maybe beneficial to our users.

Autogrammer is an Instagram Scheduler. It allows you to manage all your Instagram accounts in one place and scheduling for immediate posting or at a future date.


Autogrammer also includes a cool image editor for you to easily edit your photos with neat filters, frames, make color adjustments, and much more.

There have been some services that have come and gone in this space. Many were shut down due to being in violation of Instagrams terms of use. Since the Instagram API does not allow posting images some of these apps reverse engineered the Instagram app.

Autogrammer uses a unique method of scheduling your posts which respects Instagrams terms of use. We have a pool of tablets which are running the Instagram app. This pool of devices checks for scheduled posts that need to be processed. These tablets then upload your images using the Instagram app as a user would do so manually.

Since this is the first version of Autogrammer we will be making much more improvements to it with your feedback. Our hope is that our services saves our users time and makes their lives a little easier.