Five Tips For Better Instagram Product Photos


The Instagram product photos you share is key in determining the types of sales numbers you will see as well as the level of engagement you will see from your followers.  This is especially true if you are using shoppable Instagram posts and Instagram stories to help drive sales.


To give you a basic breakdown, shoppable posts means your followers can click on your image and be taken to the product page on your website to make a purchase.  This is the same with Stories, you can just click while you are viewing a story and purchase the item you want. 


Consumers are eating all this up with 60% of users discovering products on Instagram.  With so many people looking to this platform to make purchasing decisions, it is crucial that the Instagram product photos you share showcase your products in the best way possible.


Here are five tips that will help you create better Instagram product photos


1. Come up with your own visual style

Instagram is a visual marketing platform, so it is essential that you know your brand and that your brand’s personality shines through in every photo you share.  Give thought to the theme you want your Instagram feed to have.  This means looking deeper at details like your logo, color patterns and type style.  This will be your inspiration for your photography, and ultimately, the look of your Instagram photos.


Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with your own visual style:


  • Filters & Lighting– Instagram feeds that keep their lighting consistent will have a more professional and polished look.  If you start mixing lighting styles (bright vs. dark/grainy) your feed won’t look pulled together.


  • Composition & Layout– This refers to how many things are in the picture.  If you are great at styling and can create a cohesive look with multiple items..great. Or you can stick to one or two things.  Either way, you want to have a consistent look.


  • Color Palette–  Using one specific color palette is the best way to tie your feed together.  If your business uses multiple colors (meaning more than 2 or 3) put a batch together and see what works and doesn’t work together.


Here is a great example of a consistent color palette and theme from @lapetitenoob.



2. Use the right photo composition techniques


Instagram is all about the square photo and how you arrange the visual elements in your image is what will draw your viewer’s eye to your item.


Here are four techniques that work well for product photography.


  • Rule of Thirds

This is the most common composition guideline in photography.  You divide your image into thirds and place your product where the dividing lines intersect as seen in this image.

Image result for rule of thirds image instagram

As you can see, the cup is placed right where the lines intersect drawing your eyes to it.

  • Rule of Odds

When images have an odd number of objects in them, they tend to be more appealing to the eye.  Just take a look at this image.  How different would the image look if there were only the coffee and sunglasses in it?  Something would just look off.

Image result for rule of odds image instagram

  • Negative Space

This is the area that surrounds the object in the photograph. This technique will help you put focus on the product by eliminating distractions.  The viewer’s eye will be drawn to the product.

Image result for use of negative space in product photography

  • Centered composition

This is placing your product in the center of the photo. Pretty straightforward.  You do want to avoid having a busy background with this technique.

Image result for product image instagram

3. Choose the right backdrop


You don’t have to shoot your product against a white backdrop to have it be center stage.  Innocent Super Smoothies shows off their bottles surrounded by the beautiful fruit that makes up their product.  So whether it’s showcasing your product in its natural environment or using a colored or textured background, the right backdrop will help your product pop and give it personality.

Image result for good backdrop examples instagram

4. Be creative with cropping

See how this shot by Alex and Ani creates the right composition by focusing in on the image of the charm while also bringing light in that helps bring out the vibrant color of the bracelet.  The result is an eye catching image.

Image result for alex and ani jewelry image instagram


5. Explore Different Angles

In order to produce more eye catching photography, you want to take photos from various angles.  For smaller daintier items like jewelry, you would want to take close up shots.

Image result for jewelry instagram


For clothing items like shirts or shoes, you can style the items and take the photo top-down like a flat lay.

Image result for clothing flatlay instagram


The key is to snap your product in various ways.  You will be pleasantly surprised how changing up a simple thing like the angle of your shot can give your image a whole other feeling.

Final thoughts


Showcasing your products with great photography is key to having a successful Instagram marketing strategy.  The above five tips will help you create better photos so that your feed stands out which will boost your click thru rate and generate more revenue.


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