twitter best practices

5 Best Practices For Twitter Every Business Should Be Doing


twitter best practices

Knowing the best practices for Twitter is key to conquering this social media marketing powerhouse.  If you are just starting out on this platform or you have been at it for a while, you want to take note.

Before we get started, let’s go over some basics about Twitter. Just like other social platforms, you can share images and videos as well as go live.  When it comes to the “social” aspect,  it wins over the other platforms since finding and engaging in conversations is pretty easy to do.  So when it comes to finding and building relationships, this is your platform.

The Basics

If you are on Twitter already, you want to make sure you are at least doing the basics of engagement.  These include:

  • Tweeting regularly – This means every day at least 3 times.  You don’t have to come up with something original for each tweet either.  You can retweet something interesting from someone else too.  This can be stats, an article, a poll, quote etc.  You can pretty much share anything.  Just make sure it will be of interest to your audience.
  • Always respond to notifications – This one tends to be overlooked but is very important to stay on top of.
  • Engage, engage,  engage – This is very easy to do.  Search for brand related topics and join any relevant conversations.
  • Pin important tweets – You can pin these to the top of your profile.  This helps with boosting exposure for your most important messages.

Now we will get into more specific Twitter best practices that will help your brand use this platform to its fullest potential.


Below are four best practices every business should be doing on Twitter

1. Video is a key best practice

We can’t stress enough the importance of incorporating video marketing into your social media marketing strategy.  Video is the fastest growing medium and it is not slowing down.  If you are not doing it yet, start.  Especially on Twitter, video is not being over utilized so you want to leverage that.  Not to mention, according to Twitter,  video posts see 10 times higher engagement than those without video.

Coming up with video content is not that hard and creating videos is not just for the experts.  They have apps out there that make it easy to put pretty much anything into a nice looking video.  Here are some other simple ways to create great video content:

  • UGC – Have your customers share their own videos with your products.
  • Go behind the scenes – Show the more human side of your brand.
  • Promote an event or product in a more creative way.
  • Go live! – Give a glimpse of an industry event or anything else that your audience would find exciting.
  • Announce special offers and sales.

 2. Engage in Twitter chats


best practices for twitter

[Photo by bruce mars from Pexels]

Twitter chat is just an online conversation about a particular topic.  Anyone can join and your business needs to get in on the engagement.  By participating, you are creating that needed connection between your brand and your audience through sharing of your thoughts and expertise on a given topic.

The first thing you want to do is find Twitter chats that are relevant to your industry.  Your next step is to start adding value to the conversation and be sure to stay away from pushing sales.  People will see that you are genuinely trying to be of value to the group and they will want to follow you and recommend you to other people.  If you do not find relevant Twitter chats, create your own!

3.  Get involved with the right hashtags

Using hashtags is a powerful strategy that will help boost the reach of your posts.  Go under the “Trends” section and search through the trending hashtags for one that is relevant to your brand.  If you can’t find one, try a tool like Hashtagify to find potential popular hashtags.  Just plug in your key search term and see what is available.

You also have the option of coming up with a brand specific hashtag. This could be centered around a  branded term, phrase or call to action,  This helps build a community of tweeters who are connecting and engaging with your brand on a deeper level. However, there is a fine balance between using brand created hashtags and trending hashtags.  You want to make sure you aren’t using too many of any one.  The general rule of thumb is that you stick to using a max three hashtags per post.  Tweets only have so many characters so you don’t want to interfere with your actual message.


4. Follow the right people


best practices for twitter

[Image by Pixabay on]

In order to build up your followers, you need to make sure you are following the right people.  Start off by finding every industry leader and give them a follow.  You can also use a tool like BuzzSumo which gives you info on what are the most shared articles within your niche and who the author is.

There is another tool called Tweepi which is basically a Twitter management tool and it will help you build a more targeted following. The tool lets you follow new users in various ways.  Here are some examples:

  • Follow users of a specific account
  • Follow the Friends that an account follows
  • If someone just tweeted about a certain topic, you can follow those users
  • Search for users by different parameters.  These include their full name, bio, interest, company name, location and more.

Final thoughts

If you use these best practices for Twitter, eventually you will build up an audience filled with industry leaders, other companies in your niche and other Twitter users who are actively engaging in conversation about your industry.

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