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Five Business Tips For Effectively Using Instagram Stories During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Instagram marketing and coronavirus pandemic are not words you would have ever imagined saying in the same sentence.  But here we are and businesses are taking a hard hit.  Social media marketers are struggling with how to connect with their audiences during a time like this. You want to reach people in the right way without losing effectiveness.  Instagram stories has expanded its features in an effort to help brands continue to build and grow the connection with their audience.

Below are five business tips for effectively using Instagram Stories during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Show followers how they can support your brand

If you are an ecommerce shop or you have a restaurant, take advantage of Stories new gift card and food ordering stickers. When followers are watching your story, they can just tap on the gift card or order food sticker and make their purchase.  Businesses should also save this to their Stories as Highlights.  This will help maximize their reach and response.


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2. Spread positivity and help support key health messages

During trying times like now, your Instagram marketing and coronavirus need to be front and center. Brands need to not only put focus on spreading positivity and kindness but also show support for health and safety.  Take advantage of features like the “stay home” sticker to help emphasize this important message.  Also, consider creating a highlight of your COVID-19 updates for those people who are not always on stories.

In an effort to further engage followers, businesses can use the  “Stay Home” sticker by creating content around it.  This could be asking followers to post new recipes they are cooking at home, workout routines they are doing to stay active, positive messages and quotes that are helping them get through this time etc.  Get creative.

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3. Humanize your brand by sharing your story

During times like now, businesses should be sharing how they are handling this pandemic by showing what is going on behind the scenes for them.  What are they doing to address key issues like inventory or changing hours?

In an effort to drive engagement in a positive direction, use interactive stickers like the Polling sticker and Questions sticker.  This will help you determine what content your followers want to see from you as well as what they need from you during this time.

Instagram stickers example 1.

4.  Answer questions

With so much uncertainty, consumers are going to have questions.  Many of these will be sent to your direct inbox.  In an effort to save you time, use Stories to address any frequently asked questions you may be receiving.  In addition, create a highlight with answers to FAQs since not everyone catches stories before they are deleted.


5. Provide opportunities for engagement

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People like to express themselves via stories and brands can tap into that by using the interactive tools that Instagram offers.

  • Questions sticker: Ask your own questions to see what type of content your followers want to see from you or answer community questions.

  • Poll and Quiz stickers: Involve your audience in engaging and fun ways. Ask them what they miss most about your business, where they would travel to if they could,

  • Countdown sticker: Help build anticipation for any upcoming announcements.

  • Use the @mention: Head to the activity tab and see who is talking about your brand.  Reply to these mentions and share them.

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