Autogrammer – Version 3 Released!

Hello Autogrammers!

Its been an awful long time since our last post (over a year ago). The last blog post was an announcement for the release of Autogrammer v2! This blog post is about a release announcement for Autogrammer v3.

We realize we should be blogging more often and we will be focusing our time and energy on it, not only blogging about our product but also material helping our users with their own social media marketing efforts.


Back to the release announcement after the slight digression! We just released Autogrammer v3 last week and are very proud of this much anticipated version. We tried to address the major drawbacks of our (then) existing version. The major features include the ability to schedule Facebook posts and schedule Twitter posts. I mean why shouldn’t you be able to manage your social media marketing from one platform? At the time of this writing we are the ONLY tool to allow you to schedule to all 3 platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


We also completely redesigned the user interface from the ground up. While the previous version of Autogrammer was a great start to tackling the issue of scheduling to Instagram it did lack a user friendly interface. The most important aspect to the redesign is the replacement of the “Activity Log” with a calendar view of your posts that we call “Scheduled Posts”.


In addition to viewing your posts on a calendar you can also view them from a beautiful dashboard showing all your posts across multiple social profiles or just specific profiles. Other enhancements to the user interface include filtering your posts on the Dashboard by “Pending”, “Posting”, and “Published” posts. Lastly, at all times you can see your Likes and Followers counts for each respective social profile.

Until next time (we promise it won’t as long!) take care and happy scheduling Autogrammers!

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