Effective Tips To Help You Maximize Your Social Media Video Content

As we are approaching the end of 2018, the number one trend that continues to grow in popularity is video.  People are spending the majority of their time online watching videos across all social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Over 500 million people are watching videos on a daily basis.  So if you have not been using video as a part of your social media marketing strategy, you need to be.

Below are tips for optimizing your videos on the major social media platforms.


Facebook has come out with some great video options including Facebook stories and Facebook Live.  You also have the option of native videos too.  So which is best for your brand?

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to marketing on Facebook that might give you an idea on which might fit best for your business:

  • Upload your own videos to Facebook

These are referred to as native videos and these tend to garner more overall engagement  than videos uploaded from third party sources like YouTube or Vimeo.

  •  Add captions to your videos

People are checking Facebook at all hours.  They are checking it not only in their downtime but at work as well.  For this reason, many people view videos on silent and one big reason you need to be including captions in your videos.

  • Try your hand at live video

People love watching live streams over just looking at a post so next time you are having a company event or have a new product to show off, help bring attention to your page by doing it live.

  • Narrow down your audience

This is a great feature that Facebook offers.  Choose your most relevant users and restrict access to certain audience groups that would not be interested in your message.  This will help provide you with better targeting and hence, better results.


Instagram is all visual so your job is to give them something beautiful that will grab their attention.  You are only given 60 seconds to record a video so you really need to be on your game for this and prepare exactly what points you want to get across.

Here are some tips to help you take the most advantage of your Instagram feed.

  •  Square videos perform much better than landscape 

Using square videos instead of landscape performs better on all the social platforms including Twitter and Facebook.  Mostly everyone is accessing these sites from their mobile devices; therefore, square videos are the more visually appealing format.

  •  Use eye-catching graphics or animations

60 seconds is all you have to effectively get your message across.  Make yours stand out by including animated or graphic videos that help showcase your product in an eye catching way.

  •  Go behind the scenes

Instagram Stories have become extremely popular with millions of people using it daily.  They offer a great way to show off the day to day of your business which helps show the more human side.  You can also try the live feature so you can interact with your audience in real-time.  Bonus is that they will receive a notification each time you are going live.  This all helps foster a deeper connection with your brand.

  • Use hashtags selectively

Hashtags can be very helpful in boosting exposure but you don’t want to go too crazy.  Come up with a maximum of five of the most relevant hashtags for each video you put up.

  • Ask Users to Share Their Photos With you

Get the most bang for your buck by asking followers to share photos using the hashtags you have created.  This is great for boosting engagement levels.  For example, if you posted a video about creative ways to style a scarf for the fall, you could ask people to share their ideas using a hashtag that has your brand name in it.


Twitter is another platform where video performs very well.  It has a much higher retweet rate than photos do.  Here are some tips for using video on Twitter:

  • Use native video 

As with Facebook, Twitter’s algorithm favors native video over those uploaded from a third party source.  The autoplay feature makes people more apt to watch and engage with the videos so upload yours directly to Twitter.

  • Keep your videos short

Twitter is used for short snippets of information.  For this reason, you don’t want to post a video that is longer than 45 seconds.  You want to be able to capture people’s attention in the first three seconds.

  •  Show off your branding from the get go

According to Adweek, the first five seconds are crucial for including clear branding and including your logo can help boost purchase intent.  So don’t forget to include yours.


LinkedIn has recently added video to its features for business professionals as well as business pages.  This is not Facebook or Instagram, so make sure you keep a professional tone with everything you share on this platform.

  • Provide value

Business professionals use LinkedIn to help them gain new connections and stay abreast of what is happening in their industry.  This is your opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge surrounding a topic.  This can also be a good place to provide customer service.

  •  Keep videos under two minutes long

LinkedIn allows a longer video length but more isn’t necessarily better.  Most people want to watch a video that is under a minute.  So you want to keep it short and sweet here too.

  • Add captions

Just like the other platforms, many people are watching videos silently.  Don’t make the mistake of not including captions to your videos.

Final thoughts

The usage of video on your social media channels is essential if you want to succeed.  It provides a great opportunity to boost engagement levels and overall exposure for your brand.  With that being said, each platform is different and you need to adjust your video marketing accordingly.  The above tips will help you maximize your efforts to effectively spread your message on each channel.

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