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Five Must Do Instagram Marketing Tips For 2020



You need to have the right Instagram marketing tips if you are looking to grow your brand on this platform in 2020.  Instagram marketing has made a major shift towards visuals and your business needs to jump on the bandwagon if they haven’t already.   Just to give you an idea, there are over $25 million businesses on Instagram as I write this.  So there is no better time to make sure your business is getting a piece of the pie.


Below are five must do Instagram marketing tips for 2020


Get comfortable with using Instagram Stories


Instagram used to be all about beautiful images.  Fast forward to now and the platform is evolving with new features all the time.  Instagram stories was released in 2016 and has really taken over as the most popular feature of this platform.  With over 500 million viewers daily, people love using stories as a way to keep up to date on not only family and friends but their favorite celebrities and influencers.

Stories are short clips of video that stay up for 24 hours and then they are deleted.  A great thing about stories is that you can see everything from what products someone is using to where they are eating.

Here are some ideas for your next story:

How-To’s and Tutorials:

Stories are set up in a sequential format.  This format makes it a perfect way to share any step-by-step for any how-to style content.  Think recipes, beauty tutorials and more.  It should just be bite-sized educational content.  You don’t want 50 slides of content.

Sharing User Generated Content (UGC):

When a follower tags your brand, take advantage of it.  Share it on stories.  It serves not only as content but will also help build brand loyalty by giving a shout out to your customers.

Behind-the-Scenes Stories:

Throwing an event, attending a cool party or going to an industry conference?  Stories is the place to take your followers along for the ride.

Time-Sensitive Offers and Promos:

If you have an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar store, stories is just the spot to share any promos or deals you have going on.

Special Announcements:

You can get creative with this format by sharing clues as to what your announcement is.  Start off with a vague image/post with little context and build up to your final clip where you make your special announcement.


Use Instagram shopping


instagram marketing tips [Photo by bruce mars from Pexels]


If you are selling any product, this Instagram marketing tip is for you.  You need to be using Instagram’s shopping features.  Shoppers are using Instagram to not only shop their favorite brands but also to find new products.  Features like product tagging and product stickers have racked up over a  130 million taps each month.  Now that the new Instagram checkout feature is available, you can purchase directly within Instagram and never have to leave the app!


Long form video content with IGTV 


Video is where it is at.  The future of Instagram is moving in that direction and IGTV is really driving great results for businesses.  One of the best features of doing videos on IGTV as opposed to stories is the lifespan.  These videos stay up for as long as you want, which makes them perfect for putting together video series.

People have the opportunity to browse and find video content that may interest them in that moment which makes for deeper engagement.  In order to take advantage of this trend, you want to create a theme and style that you stick to so that your audience knows what to expect.  For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you could create content that spans everything from healthy food recipes to shopping tips.  The key part is to give thought to what your audience wants to see more of from you and what they want to learn.  That is the best way to serve them while building brand affinity.

Furthermore, don’t worry too much about thinking your videos need to be super professional.  There are apps like LumaFusion and InShot that will have your videos looking like they were edited by a pro.


User-Generated Content on Feeds and Stories


If you are looking to grow your brand online, you need to look into using user-generated content (UGC). User generated content is the online form of a word-of-mouth recommendation which is pretty much gold for your business.  Over half of consumers put their trust in UGC over any other types of marketing.  So if you want to give a boost to your brand loyalty or sales, this is a great and affordable way to do it.

What you share for UGC can range from someone tagging your product, positive reviews, user generated images of consumers using your product etc.


Try out Instagram ads


instagram marketing tips[Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels]


When people hear the word advertising, they want to shy away from it.  Every business wants to save as much as possible but advertising on a platform like Instagram does make sense.  Over two million businesses currently run ads and of that number, approximately 96% says they will continue to do so.

Here are just some of the ways you can further hone in on your target audience:

  • Location: State, city, country etc.
  • Demographics: Age, gender, and language
  • Interests: This could be apps they use and accounts they follow.
  • Behaviors: What are they consuming both on Instagram and off.



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