How to Schedule your Instagram Posts

Most of the popular Instagram schedulers are no more than a reminder services – you upload your images through a webapp and set a posting date/time. When its time to post, a notification is sent to your phone and with some manual intervention your images are posted.

Autogrammer is much more convenient. It allows you to upload images through your browser – where you can also edit them with a powerful yet easy to use image editor. You can manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place. And the most important feature – schedule your Instagram posts and forget about them. We will take you through the steps to schedule your Instagram posts below.

Instructions on how to schedule your Instagram posts

1) Signup for an Autogrammer account (Free 7 Day Trial – no credit card required)

2) Click the link in the verification email sent to you

3) On the Manage Accounts page, in the “Add New Account” form enter your Instagram username and password and submit. The account will display with a status of “Pending”. (You can schedule your first post regardless)


4) On the Upload & Schedule page click the “Browse” button to select and image to upload (make sure the filesize is under 5MB)


5) An image editor will pop up. Crop the image and edit it as desired, then click the “Save” button and the “Continue” button when done.

6) On the subsequent page enter a caption for the post, timezone, date/time (cannot be in the past) and click the “Schedule” button.


It is likely your first posts will fail – but its nothing to worry about. This is a security feature of Instagram, they are making sure you authorized the login from an unfamiliar location. After a post fails, login to your Instagram account and make sure your account is verified. Verifying your account typically requires entering an code which you can choose to have sent to you via SMS or email. Once you have entered this code, come back to Autogrammer and repost the image from the Dashboard by clicking “Repost”.

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  1. Anna

    Thank you. This is great. However, what if a confirmation email never arrived? What do I do then?

    Thank you


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