Instagram Marketing Strategy: 5 Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

As a brand, your Instagram marketing strategy needs to be on point in order to achieve success on this mega popular platform.  Instagram is one of the hottest social media marketing platforms with over one billion users.  For this reason, if you are using it as a part of your social media marketing strategy, you definitely want to take stock in what not to do.

In this article we discuss five mistakes every business should avoid making on Instagram.

1. Your feed isn’t set up for shopping

Back in the day, you couldn’t post clickable links to products within the images you were posting.  Fast forward to today and Instagram has come a long way when it comes to e-commerce.

Now they have tools like product tagging,  which allows retailers to meet their consumers where they are online.  The consumer can just click and they can be taken directly from an Instagram photo to a product page on the brand’s website.

 2. You’ve got too many steps to conversion.

In order for consumers to have a successful shopping experience with your brand, you need to make the check out process seamless and simple.  Too many steps and you will start to see potential customers begin to drop off. Furthermore, Instagram is accessed primarily on mobile devices so consumers are that much less patient.   How easy is it for your consumers to browse and buy from your Instagram page?

3. Stay away from buying fake followers

Trying to build a following on Instagram can be tough and the thought of trying to reach the 10k mark may seem far away.  With that being said, one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your Instagram marketing strategy is buying fake followers.  Not only will people be able to easily figure this out (low number of likes but 50k followers) you are not buying followers who are actually going to buy from you.  What you get are fake accounts that are not real people.  This is just bad for business all around.

Not to mention, if Instagram figures this out, they will put what is called a shadowban on your account and they will hide your hashtags from the public and only your followers can see your posts. Once this happens, good luck trying to get it lifted.  Chances are you will have to create a new account and start from scratch anyway.  Building up your follower count takes a lot of time and energy.  You need to put out great content that will promote engagement with your audience.  Over time you will see your numbers go up.  Just be patient.

4. You aren’t taking advantage of Instagram stories

[Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels]

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram.  It is great for shooting live video but you can also create “stories” with stills as well.  The key thing here is to not make it about sales.  You want to show your audience your brand personality by sharing exciting and engaging content.  You can do polls, behind the scenes, fun videos etc.

5. You are not posting consistently

Regardless of what platform you are on, posting consistently is key to your Instagram marketing strategy.  Consistency will let your audience know what to expect.  Just make sure what you are posting is relevant and engaging.   You don’t want to post something just because you need to get something up on your feed.

6. You don’t have a link in your bio 

Your website is dead in the water if you are not driving traffic to it.  You must include a link or call to action in your bio in order for your Instagram account to work for your brand.

Image result for instagram bio link target

when deciding what to include as a link in your bio, think about what your primary goal is on Instagram.  Here are a few to consider.

  • Drive more traffic to your website – Provide a link to your website or blog.
  • Build up your email list – Include a link to a subscription form or landing page.
  • Sell more products – Have a link to a special offer or product catalog.

Final thoughts

Instagram is here for the long haul and continues to grow in popularity.  Do all you can to leverage its power.  Avoid the mistakes above and you will be on your way to growing followers, boosting traffic and building a loyal fan base.

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