social media marketing during the coronavirus

Social Media Marketing During The Coronavirus: What Your Business Should Be Doing

social media marketing during the coronavirus

Social media marketing during the Coronavirus should be top of mind for many businesses.  As we continue to be in the middle of a pandemic in this country, there is no corner of our globe that is not being affected.  Businesses are losing money and many brick and mortar stores are sadly closing.  If you are lucky enough to still be in the game, it is time to start giving thought to how your social media marketing plan needs to adjust to the current times.

In an effort to use social media effectively. you need to sit down and figure out what to do first.  In this article, we will cover key things you should be doing for your Social media marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Below are four things your business should be doing with social media marketing during the Coronavirus


Adjust your social media posts

One of the first things you should do when it comes to your social media marketing is cancel any posts you have scheduled.  Chances are, you have promotional content, product launches, event announcements, blog posts and a host of other similar posts scheduled.  Given the current landscape, you want to show first and foremost that you are attuned to the current state of our country and beyond.  Pushing these types of posts out will make it seem like you are not concerned with what is happening.

In addition to the type of post, there is the timing of them.  With people urged to stay home and all non-essential businesses closing their doors for now, many people are working from home.  This means the typical 9-5 work week has been dismantled.  Multitasking work, childcare, homeschooling and everything in between, is now the new norm.

So what does this mean in terms of your social media marketing?  People will be all over the place when it comes to engaging with social media content.  Some people might be getting up much earlier and working much later, with the key day hours dedicated to everything else. So what to do with social media posts?  Read on.

Get in on the conversation

When it comes to social media marketing during the Coronavirus, businesses need to get back to basics on social media.  Right now, engaging in thoughtful conversation and posting relevant content that will help build community is everything.  Clicks and likes are not where things are at right now.

As time goes on, both consumers and businesses will be forced to think long and hard about where their money is going.  Now is the time to not only use social media wisely but to also revisit your other marketing channels like email to help drive business forward.

Post in real-time

So you have put the kibosh on your current posts for now.  Now what?  It is time to do some recon and head over to your social media channels and see what your audience is talking about.  What topics are trending and what is going on with your audience.  This will help give you an idea of what direction to steer your content in. Hopefully you can post relevant content at a time when it will be seen.

When it comes to posting times, it will be a while before businesses will know the ideal time to post.  Like we mentioned above, people will be online at all different times.  You should start off by testing out different posting times and eventually the schedule predictors and algorithms will catch up.  Right now they are just not able to confidently predict when would be the best time to publish.

Make sure you are using social listening

This is a sensitive time and things are changing quickly.  You need to be monitoring conversations if you are part of an industry that has been highly affected.   Be ready at a moments notice to address and communicate any important messages.  Time spent online has definitely gone way up, but it is not because people are just mindlessly scrolling, the conversation has shifted and your business needs to be on top of that.


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