Welcome to Autogrammer!

Wecome to the Autogrammer blog! We will be using the blog to keep you posted on important updates and to share content which we feel maybe beneficial to our users.

Autogrammer is an Instagram Scheduler. It allows you to manage all your Instagram accounts in one place and scheduling for immediate posting or at a future date.


Autogrammer also includes a cool image editor for you to easily edit your photos with neat filters, frames, make color adjustments, and much more.

There have been some services that have come and gone in this space. Many were shut down due to being in violation of Instagrams terms of use. Since the Instagram API does not allow posting images some of these apps reverse engineered the Instagram app.

Autogrammer uses a unique method of scheduling your posts which respects Instagrams terms of use. We have a pool of tablets which are running the Instagram app. This pool of devices checks for scheduled posts that need to be processed. These tablets then upload your images using the Instagram app as a user would do so manually.

Since this is the first version of Autogrammer we will be making much more improvements to it with your feedback. Our hope is that our services saves our users time and makes their lives a little easier.

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