facebook advertising during the coronavirus

Four Tips For Facebook Advertising During The Coronavirus

If you run ads on Facebook, you should be thinking about how to move forward with you Facebook advertising during the Coronavirus.  During these uncertain times, you may be wondering if you need to adjust your current Facebook ad strategy.  Since the current climate has changed, the basic answer is yes.


Here are four tips for Facebook advertising during the coronavirus


Revisit your Facebook advertising strategy

Regardless of a pandemic, there could always be the potential for something to happen that forces us to pivot and re-explore our advertising.  As of right now, advertising on Facebook has turned upside down with larger advertisers drastically reducing their budgets.  This has now led to the average Facebook CPM to really fall to a level where it is much cheaper to serve an individual ad impression to consumers.  With more people spending more hours on the platform,  there is an opportunity to maximize your spending budget if your business can swing it.

Rethink your messaging

The world is ever changing and things can change on a national and global level without notice.  When something is going on in the world such as right now with the pandemic, as a business, you need to acknowledge it through your messaging.

When people’s livelihood is at stake, your messaging should stay away from frivolity and luxury.  The messaging should be more focused on the plight of consumers during this time.  Look to your product and services and see how they can help relieve some of the challenges people are facing.  The key is to not make your messaging dramatic by referencing COVID-19 in your advertising.   Whether you choose to continue to run ads or not, it is a personal call.  If you do, make sure it speaks to the consumer.

Respond to ad comments

Not all is lost right now with your Facebook advertising.  There are ways you can gain traction even during these uncertain times.  A great way to boost the reach of your Facebook ads is to interact with people who leave comments.   If someone leaves a meaningful comment, responding with a meaningful comment will signal to the Facebook algorithm that this content is relevant.  The one thing you want to stay away from is responding to people that are trolling.

When you respond to an initial comment, you are adding a second signal to the algorithm and if that person responds back, that is a third signal and so on.  Even a like or an emoji sends a signal to the algorithm.  In addition, all this interaction shows up on your friend’s timelines leading to organic impressions for free.  So as you can see, taking the time to respond to ad comments truly pays.

Key advice for all industries

Even though businesses are navigating uncertain times, the last thing you want to do is disengage with your audience. You want your business to stay top of mind.   Every business is learning to pivot so figuring out what works for your business is key.  Once you have a plan in place, share it with your audience.  If you are still on the fence about whether to push forward with your Facebook advertising during the coronavirus, here are some key benefits to consider.

  • You will set yourself apart from your competitors:  Moving forward with your marketing efforts will put you ahead of the other businesses that have decided to pause their advertising.
  • You get the opportunity to learn more about your target audience:  Understanding your target audience aside from their demographics is always helpful.  This will allow you to create more targeted content moving forward since you will be learning more about their buying behaviors.
  • Build a stronger relationship with your potential customers:  Now is a great time to learn more about your potential customers and how you can better serve them through the sales funnel.
  • Leverage those customers ready to buy:  With so many businesses shutting down temporarily or permanently, now is a great time for your business if you are open.  Let your customers know you are here for them and that you can provide your product or service like usual.

Continuing your Facebook advertising during the coronavirus will set your business up for success  

At some point, the current situation in the world will pass.  When that time does arrive, you don’t want to be that business trying to figure out where to start.  Keeping your Facebook advertising during the coronavirus alive will help your business be well ahead of the competition.



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